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Micro Sessions in the Park

What is a micro photoshoot?

A micro photoshoot is basically a super fast photo session. A normal photoshoot usually lasts 1-2 hours, covers multiple locations.. These micro sessions are held back to back (so punctuality is crucial) outdoors at Lake Temescal in Oakland and are the most fun you can have in 10 minutes!   


Why book a micro session?

  1. It is affordable, so you can get one done every year with no regrets.

  2. They’re short, so they’re easy on you and your busy schedule.

  3. They are just plain fun. The quick pace ups the excitement and before anyone can say CHEEEESE it’s all over and no one got bored!


Micro Session:   $100 

This sitting fee includes:


  • My time and talent at your photo session

  • 10 minutes of shooting time at Lake Temescal in Oakland

  • Post-processing of your images

  • Digital files are $100 each

  • Package rates for multiple digital files 

2022 Fall dates SOLD OUT

I'm sorry, but all of the micro sessions for 2022 are sold out. Please sign up for my mailing list to be informed of future micro session dates.

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Sold Out
Sold Out
Sold Out

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  • Can you really get enough good photos of my family/kiddos in just 10 minutes?
    Yep! I honed my speed photo skills to perfection when I ran a school photography company (we did natural light portraiture for 40+ schools (over 20,000 kids!) all over the Bay Area. I'd have approximately 60 seconds with each kiddo in order to produce a lovely portrait. So, the fact that we have 10 minutes is WAY more than enough time for me. ;) See the images at the top of the page of the 3 boys? That was done in 10 minutes. I work FAST!
  • What can I expect during a "Pictures in the Park" Mini Session?"
    You can expect a patient, playful, lighthearted approach to your shoot where my goal is to provide the most relaxed, comfortable fun experience possible. Even though our time will be short, my goal is still to capture your family in your natural state interacting with each other and grab those tiny and big moments of connection. Lifestyle photography aims at capturing the real, less staged type photos. My strength is in the candid and capturing real moments and connections with your family. When we meet at Lake Temescal in Oakland we'll have a quick 15 minutes to capture the love in your family. I will guide you on how to stand or sit, who should sit where and what to do with your hands (always a hard thing to figure out) and quickly make sure nobody has crumbs on their faces, hair stuck to their lipstick, or crooked collars and then we get started.
  • How many people can be photographed during a mini session?
    Because we have only 15 minutes to try to get everyone looking their best, these sessions are for four or fewer people. If you have additional family members (or pets!) you'd like to have photographed, the "not so mini" sessions would be a better bet for you as we'll have more time to get everyone in front of the camera.
  • We only want portraits of our kids - is that okay?
    Definitely okay! I love photographing the entire family but I’m more than okay just focusing on your kiddos.
  • What should we wear?
    A few weeks before your session, I'll be sending you my "client preparation guide" which will give you examples of family outfits, talk about haircuts, and make suggestions for how to make the most out of your session.
  • Should we bring outfit changes, accessories or props?"
    While there won't be time for outfit changes, accessories are great to incorporate! Here are some ideas for great ad-ons: knit hats, favorite blankets, mittens, capes, beaded necklaces, tiaras, or anything else your child has that would enhance an image. As for props, if there's something you really want to have as part of your portraits, bring it along. I can't guarantee we'll be able to use it, but I'll always do my best. Some things people have brought in the past: photos of loved ones, meaningful blankets, favorite toys, flowers, balloons, and even a favorite chair!
  • Can I bring my dog/cat/peacock/koala?
    I love photographing pets, but this mini session is just for humans. If you'd like to your pets photographed with the family (or alone!) , the "not so mini" sessions would be a better bet for you as we'll have more time to get everyone in front of the camera.
  • Where do the mini sessions take place?
    On the north side of Lake Temescal (the side closer to Broadway/highway 24)! The park offers many bright, naturally lit spaces and backgrounds. I work in various parts of the park depending on how the leaves are looking and where the light is best. I'll email you the night before your session to let you know exactly where to find me and what I'll be wearing so you can find me easily.
  • What if the weather is bad?
    Luckily the weather in the fall here in the Bay Area tends to be pretty reliable, but if it's looking like the weather will be no good for photos (in cases of extreme wind, rain or smoke for example), I'll be in contact with you the night before to find a time to reschedule at no cost to you.
  • Can I cancel or reschedule my session?
    Stuff happens. I get it. I will always try to accommodate changing schedules and will be happy to refund or reschedule any sessions with the following understanding: If you wish to cancel fewer than 5 days prior to your session, you will forfeit $50 out of the original session payment as a cancellation fee. If you wish to reschedule fewer than 5 calendar days prior to appointment, I will be happy to move your session if I still have openings during my mini sessions. If the mini sessions are sold out, however, or we cannot find an alternate time/day that will work for us collectively, your session will be cancelled and you will forfeit $50 out of the original session payment as a cancellation fee. Appointments cancelled/rescheduled within 24 hours of the time for which they are scheduled (or if you miss your scheduled appointment) will not be refunded. Appointments that are cancelled due to a real emergency may be rescheduled.
  • What if I'm running late?
    One of the reasons I'm able to keep the mini session pricing is low is by taking on several clients all in one place and back to back. If one client is running late, therefore, the whole day will be thrown off. So, it's very important that you are on time. Your session is your session, so if you are 5 minutes late, for example, we will only have 5 minutes to photograph your family. I suggest all my clients arrive 15 minutes early which has the added benefit of giving you time if you get a little lost, can't find me, need a potty break before your session, or your kiddos might need a little time to warm up to a new person (me!).
  • What is your refund policy for portrait sessions and prints?
    In the case of camera failure, inclement weather, or any other unforeseen incident that prevents Kristen from shooting on a scheduled date a new date will be scheduled or client will be refunded their deposit, if applicable. No refund will be given under any circumstances if you fail to attend the activity on the day and at the time listed, when the booking was made. Due to the nature of digital photography and the fact that photographs, once sent, cannot be returned; Kristen has a strict NO REFUNDS policy. Once a transaction has been completed (i.e., the buyer selected and paid for the photo and Kristen sent the buyer the correct photograph) it is then considered non-refundable. If a buyer has selected and purchased an incorrect photo, he/she must notify Kristen, BEFORE receiving the “incorrect” photograph. Refunds will NOT be given due to “not liking a photo”, selecting an incorrect photo after the buyer has already received the photograph, or any other reason. If a mistaken photo is sent to the buyer, as documented on the invoice, Kristen will send the correct photo to the buyer free of charge. If you have any questions regarding this policy please call Kristen at 510-418-1668

Frequently Asked Questions

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